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Your personal data is safe in our hands !


Merry Meet dear Greencrafter,

With pleasure we keep you regularly posted on what’s happening within the Greencraft community. As such we send notifications related to diverse events scheduled throughout the year. As you know we manage a ‘Digital Library’ allowing you to get the most of our Greencraft trainings. We are able to because you provided us permission in the past, accordingly as well we did add you formerly to our database of people belonging to Greencraft Wicca tradition seen you do pay the yearly traditional contribution.

Greencraft Creations vzw is responsible for the protection & respectful handling of your personal data. Full transparency is extremely important to us. In scope of the latest updates of Belgian legislation for privacy AVG - GDPR) from 25 May 2018 we wish to share this privacy statement with you :

• We keep track of your mail address to allow us to keep you posted on upcoming events
• We saved your mail address, name, living place & several Wicca related info to enable us to provide you with a secured login to Greencraft trainings and course material
• In case you have the role of group- or coven leader within our tradition we keep your phone number and full postal address to facilitate internal communication
• When you are member of the VZW or take part in one of the teams of volunteers of the VZW we keep your phone number and full postal address to facilitate internal communication
• Your data is handled in confidential manner and stored digitally at the secretariat, access towards such data has been secured
• At no circumstance we will sell or give your coordinates to third parties neither use them for other purposes than mentioned above
• At any time you can request to have your coordinates/data altered by sending an email to Greencraft secretariat “”.
• You will continue to receive our communications and notifications automatically as you will continue to have access to course materials. In case you no longer desire please unsubscribe by sending a mail to our Greencraft secretariat “”
• When you decide to leave the Greencraft Wicca tradition, your personal coordinates and data and your account to access course material will be automatically removed from our database.

We hope to keep you updated of happenings and known- or special events of our beautiful community in future, throughout the seasons. We are utterly happy that you are member of our Greencraft Wicca tradition and thank you for your support, sister/brotherhood, contribution and affiliation.

The GreencraftTM Creations vzw Administration

Albijon, Eostrel, Kara, Lupus

Privacy statement Greencraft Creations translated by Ixchel