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The Greencraft Tarot Book.

In the beginning, long time ago, when the seasons were seasons (wise words of Arghuicha), there was a Greencraft Tarot to colour at hand. The Greencraft Tradition is proud to present the Greencraft Tarot in full color. The Greencraft Tarot version 2 looks super nice, looks professional and is supplied in a matching box.

The price is 30 euros, which is similar to the tarot specialist retailers. Since the Greencraft Tarot contains the core and precipitation of our Tradition it is only sold to Greencrafters beginning with First Degree who adhere to the tradition and who have therefore paid Tradition Contribution. Are you First Degree Greencrafter, but you forgot to pay your Tradition Contribution, you can still pay it in order to still be able to purchase the Greencraft Tarot.

The Greencraft Tarot is artistically justified and entirely hand painted by different artistic Greencraft Wiccans. You can find the cards symbolism of the Trilithon and Greencraft Power Animals.

The Greencraft Tarot was realized through the cooperation between the US based Sacred Well Congregation and the European Greencraft Coven Community. The accompanying book, which some already know, will be emailed after purchase in pdf format. Who wants the corresponding bound book can also perform a separate purchase.

One can order the Greencraft Tarot simply by mailing the Greencraft Shop, clearly stating your wiccan name and the Greencraft Coven where you are part of. Please also mention the address and number of ordered Tarots.

Orders only valid by payment on IBAN BE47 9796 3450 3980 met BIC ARSPBE22XXX or on the account down each page.

Posting and administration costs are not included in the price.

The Greencraft Tarot is the pride of the Greencraft Tradition. Copying or other abnormalities will be properly taken care of.

The vintage Greencraft Tarot is not available anymore.

The Greencraft Tarot is develloped by...

The Greencraft Tarot is not just a bunch of cards. There was a lot of theological development in advance. We are gratefuk grateful for the contribution of some Witches: HPs Hera (Greencraft Tradition foundress), HP Arghuicha (founder Greencraft Tradition) and HP Taniquetil (Greencraft Wicca USA and founder Sacred Well Congregation)

Why the Greencraft Tarot?

The origin of the Tarot is not immediately clear.The tarot may have come from China or Mesoptamia (modern Iraq). Using trade routes the game arrived between the 13th and 16th centuries in Europe. Also at present day the Tarot is very popular. We see the games played in many clubs.Because, yes, it is perfectly possible to use "common" playing cards as Tarot. However, in the Greencraft the image on the cards is of crucial importance because the corresponding card brings us into contact with the facets of our religion. We use the Tarot therefore not to predict "the future", but to meditate and reflect on theological questions about Greencraft Wicca. Without a thorough understanding of the typical Greencraft theology the Greencraft Tarot as well as unworkable. Buying the Greencraft Tarot without being a Greencraft Wiccan is a waste of resourses.

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