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Warning of David Dom, New Order of Druids

Nachtuil spreads harmful information through his pseudo-scientific website which can cause serious harm to other people. He spreads a hoax about soursop-gravialo claiming this plant can fight cancer 10.000 times stronger the chemo. This information is incorrect. It gives patients and their families false hope and might encourage them eating this harmful fruit:

The fruit is rejected by scientist as it contains active substances harming the nervous system. This results in symptoms looking like Parkinson. It is illigal to import this fruit. People who try might never receive their delivery. Even more, they can receive a fine.

Despite several warnings,De Nachtuil/Ronald Cypers continues spreading his information on his site and on Facebook.

The site of Nachtuil contains harmful info. Please do not visit.

To the city of Nieuwpoort - Belgium

To the Maire, To the College,

As Wicca-community, known as Greencraft, we are happy with the honorable restoration of the executed "Witches" in the 17th Century. In our contempory times Witchcraft receives more respect while people realize more nd more "witch" is a positive title. Witches from the past and present worship nature, be it in and out the human species. By this reason witches try to understand the essence of the world we live in, with inclusion of a wider view towards the cosmos. With this knowledge witches have always tried to help all people. The cruel Witches Burnings have to be placed unfortunatly in a religious claim to power. Spoiling blood for religion is a very old pain, but one we still carry with us today. This is the reason we greatly value the symbolic decision to restore the honour. We wish to thank you all in name of the contempory witches community and in particular Greencraft Creations VZW. You have given us a warm smile and a tear of happiness.

Blessed Be, Cindy martin, president of Greencraft Creations VZW

The Greencraft Calendar 2015

Ulysses has suprised us again with the really beautiful Greencraft Calendar.There are 2 possibilities to receive this calendar: members of the Greencraft Community may download it for free in Greencraft Files Moodle. Non-members can receive a code to download the file after payment of 10 € (euro) with "greencraft kalender" in the message.