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The Traditional Craft Wicca Greencraft.

Our Greencraft Tradition is organised in organisations like Greencraft Creations VZW,Greencraft Events (organisation Greencraft Events), Greencraft Education, our covens, solitarians and open community. Our community has developped since 1991 a very own vue on Wicca starting from Gardnerian and Alexandrian Traditions with addition of American Indian culture. During our history we were able to add theology of other Traditions like Elfish Wicca (thanks to Taniquetil), The Thatha De Danann and the Magnusian Wicca (Coven De Beer - Coven The Bear), a Wiccan tradition close at heart to the Greencraft, develloped by HP Magnus. Greencraft Creations is a Belgian VZW, or "Vereniging zonder Winstbejag",meaning the Greencraft is an organisation without the goal of making any profit.

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  • The Greencraft Family.

    The Greencraft Tradition is supporting heathen family values. Coven visits are encouraged. A hug, a kiss, a nice talk, good food and full glasses, all is possible. Because witches love Life. And to live this life to it's full potential. In order to help you understand what we stand for, we publish the full version of our Greencraft Manifest in English. In Wicca there is Mystery, but no secrets.

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  • The Greencraft Training...First contact...

    One does not become Greencraft Wiccan just like that. It's a long walk to from Roedi to Thirth Degree. The Greencraft License is given in Unconditional Trust and with Unconditional Love, but for de Wiccan wishing to walk in the profane world a bit of Courage and a whole lot of Insight is needed.The Greencraft Training provides in all aspects so the Wiccan can make a wise decision in all personal freedom. We are a community of free Witches. All different, but united by the same religion.

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